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The Crest of Courage within a tag.

A crest (紋章, monshō) is an item used to aid in evolution. The crests may also refer to the symbols of traits that the Chosen Children embodied and drew power from.


When used in conjunction with a tag and activated by their owner exemplifying the trait embodied by the crest in question, they allow a partner digimon to super-evolve to the Perfect level.

Though they were often thought to be the mechanism that allowed their evolution to their higher forms, Apocalymon's destruction of the physical tags and crests proved them to have merely been focus points; the power of the crests lies within the Chosen Children themselves.

The physical crests also exhibit special powers. For example, when Tachikawa Mimi should be knocked out by sleeping gas, her crest shines and revives her, and when a prophecy requires Takaishi Takeru and Yagami Hikari's partners to fire arrows, the arrows appear in beams of light from their crests. They can also project lasso like energy binds which were used against VenomVamdemon.


The crests were originally created by Gennai and his comrades, and later stolen by Piemon. At some point he presumably gave them to Devimon, who hid them on Server Continent. Nevertheless, the Chosen Children are able to find them.

During the battle against Apocalymon the physical tags and crests are destroyed, but their power is not diminished and remains within the children.

In May 2000 the Chosen Children surrendered its power to free one of the Four Holy Beasts from the bonds placed upon them by the Dark Masters, temporarily taking away the ability of their digimon to evolve past Adult.

The ability is later restored thanks to the gift of one of Qinglongmon's digicores, through Gennai.

List of Crests[]

Below is the list of crests in order of appearance in the show:

Image Name Owner Location
Crest of courage.png Crest of Courage
(勇気の紋章, Yūki no Monshō)
Yagami Taichi Cavern
Crest of sincerity.png Crest of Sincerity
(誠実の紋章, Seijitsu no Monshō)
Kido Jō Cage floor
Crest of purity.png Crest of Purity
(純真の紋章, Junshin no Monshō)
Tachikawa Mimi Flower of desert cactus
Crest of friendship.png Crest of Friendship
(友情の紋章, Yūjō no Monshō)
Ishida Yamato Piccolomon's well
Crest of knowledge.png Crest of Knowledge
(知識の紋章, Chishiki no Monshō)
Izumi Kōshirō Piccolomon's well
Crest of hope.png Crest of Hope
(希望の紋章, Kibō no Monshō)
Takaishi Takeru Cliff wall
Crest of love.png Crest of Love
(愛情の紋章, Aijō no Monshō)
Takenouchi Sora Nanomon
Crest of light.png Crest of Light
(光の紋章, Hikari no Monshō)
Yagami Hikari Vamdemon
Crest of kindness.png Crest of Kindness
(優しさの紋章, Yasashisa no Monshō)
Ichijōji Ken Digimon Kaiser's base